Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012. please be nice :')

assalamualaikum and haii. 

yeah. dah berhabuk blog aku ni. haha tengok tuu. ada spiderweb lagi. hikhik :D sorry guys. lama tak update. no idea and no mood. so now, for the new year. yehh. something gonna be share with ualls.

there are alots of memories in 2011. right ? hurt nice smile sad tears joys laugh love and so on. even there were little bit bad things have been in my life. but sure. it'll be the nice one when remind them back.

for sure. i'll always miss all the moments. yehh. always and forever in my heart :') thanks cause have made my day. make me smile ;) make me cry :') and make me be more strong.


Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2012. 1 January 2012. gonna be the starter :D oppss. i'm PMR candidates this year. and 9A please be mine. Inshaallah.

Ya Allah,
please.. make me strong. :')

daaa guys. one day left. so Assalamualaikumm :)

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